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Text Twist 2

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If you are a fan of word games, then you must have heard of Text Twist. It’s one of the most popular word games out there. The idea behind the game is to make as many words from a number of letters given to you within a set time limit. The challenge is to beat the timer through word power while keeping your brain engaged and having fun. We all know what happens when a game is popular – you can look forward to a sequel and so now we have Text Twist 2.

Make words from letters
Text Twist 2 is the same as the first version in that you are given some words at the start of each round, and you are expected to make as many words out of them as possible. Keep in mind that you can use the settings to get more letters if six are too little for you. For example, you can set it for seven, or eight depending on what is comfortable for you.

The game gets exciting because you are given a set time limit of two minutes to compose your words. You have to challenge yourself to come up with as many words as you can from the number of letters you have chosen. After the time limit elapses your words will determine whether you move to the next level or not.

The BINGO rule
There is a special rule that you can use to fast track to the next level. The rule is that you must have at least one BINGO word in your collection of words to move to the next level. A BINGO word is a word made out of all the available letters you are allowed to use. Note that immediately you get a Bingo word you are eligible to move to the next level. However, if you want to keep playing, you may continue until your time limit elapses. You get to make more points if you keep playing even if you already have a BINGO word, so it’s much better than jumping to the next level immediately.

Keyboard or mouse
You have a choice of keying in words using a mouse or using your keyboard. Of course using a keyboard is much faster and easier than using the mouse, but the choice is yours. The space bar button is the twist button in this game. It moves the letters around on the board which could help you to identify some words you have missed.

Different modes and trophies to unlock
If you don’t like the timer, then you can switch to the untimed mode. The untimed mode lets you figure out the words without a time limit. You also have lightening mode which gives you five jumbled words to decipher within a set time. The challenge is to unscramble the words before the time runs out. There is a crossword mode which as the name suggests gives you a crossword to fill with words created from a set number of letters.

Text twist is certainly engaging and addictive. It gives you a number of ways to engage your intellect while having fun with words. Try getting through all the modes successfully and challenge yourself to get the highest score in each mode. Also, you have 24 trophies you can unlock by fulfilling some requirements. These rules are not easy for the average guy and will make the game more exciting for you. For example, you may try getting a Bonkers for Bingo trophy for completing only Bingo words through 20 levels consecutively.

You can play the game on PC, and it is available as an app for iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, and android. Overall what you get from Text Twist is the chance to exercise your brain and build your word power. It’s one of the best word games around.