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How to Play:

  1. Objective: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to decipher the secret word concealed within a delightful octopus drawing. Each tentacle represents a letter of the word, and your task is to identify the correct letters in the correct order.
  2. Guessing the Word: Type your guesses directly into the text box below the octopus illustration. You have a limited number of attempts, so choose your letters wisely! The correct letters will be highlighted in green, while incorrect ones will be marked in red.
  3. Word Length: Pay attention to the number of tentacles on the octopus; it indicates the length of the hidden word. This crucial piece of information will guide your guessing strategy.
  4. Special Ink Marks: Watch out for special ink marks that might appear on certain tentacles. These hints will help you narrow down the possibilities, providing clues about the correct position of specific letters.

Hints and Strategies:

  • Ink Marks: Take note of the ink marks, but don’t rely on them entirely. They are valuable hints, but the true victory lies in combining them with your deductive reasoning skills.
  • Word Categories: Octordle features a variety of word categories, from common vocabulary to more challenging themes. Keep this in mind when making your guesses and consider the context of the game.
  • Patience is Key: If you’re stuck, take a moment to step back and reassess. Sometimes, a fresh perspective can lead to that ‘aha’ moment.


  • Accuracy: The more accurate your guesses, the higher your score. Precision and attention to detail will be your allies in mastering Octordle.
  • Speed: While there’s no rush, completing puzzles in a timely manner can earn you bonus points. Find the perfect balance between speed and accuracy for optimal results.


Dive into the world of Octordle and let the ink-stained mysteries captivate your imagination. With a blend of wit, deduction, and a touch of creativity, you’ll unravel the hidden words and emerge victorious. Are you up for the challenge? Start playing now and become the ultimate Octordle master!